Posted: June 23, 2010 in Uncategorized

this entire blog is inspired by Dave Sohnchen and his Daily Letter blog.

This intent of this blog is to intentionally practice opening my eyes and seeing love written indelibly on the lives of those i encounter.  God loves each one of us.  Sadly, we have an easier time believing that he exists than that he loves us.

Starting today, I hope to write a note of encouragement to people who will probably never read them, the people i encounter daily, to help us to open our eyes and see the good that surrounds us..  the actions of love people demonstrate, the words of love God speaks into our lives through others. . .  The beauty God has painted into people.  He shows us love in relationship.  He has written our worth through his love in indelible ink – His own blood, on all people!

  1. Ken White says:

    Looking forward to the posts! Great start!

  2. Debbie says:

    ha ha, i thought of that other blog when I read the other 2 posts (I read these in reverse order) but I love you positive bent! what a great idea. I hope you keep this up. *bookmarking*

  3. thanks guys! Even if it never catches on… I figure it’s a good exercise for my own mentalities.

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